Exhibition-presentation of Kyiv’s manufacturers, enterprises, companies and businesses


"MADE IN KYIV" as new opportunities for Kyiv manufacturers

On June 05, 2018 International Exhibition Centre  (15 Brovarskoy Ave., UA-02660 Kyiv, Ukraine) is hosting the "MADE IN KYIV" exhibition to present the industrial and manufacturing possibilities of Kyiv. The exhibition is an important event for the city’s industry and part of the Day of Kyiv celebration.

Economic growth of Kyiv enterprises, manufacturers, and businesses leads to new jobs and increases prosperity of the whole city, hence supporting the city’s entrepreneurship, manufacturers, and internal market is a top priority of Kyiv City State Administration. The exhibition was first organized in 2016 and since then is held annually to popularize products made by Kyiv businesses.

"MADE IN KYIV" exhibition’s main task is to promote industries of Kyiv including manufacturing, research & development, defense sector, ecology, among many other spheres of the city. Exhibition will present the potential of Kyiv and attract foreign investment.


More than 300 enterprises from different industries and research organizations will present their products, trade marks and brands, and the latest technological developments on 3500 sq.m of exhibition space.

The exhibition will feature industrial enterprises of machine-building, defense, food, light, pharmaceutical and other industries; manufacturers of building materials, medical equipment, chemical products; companies working in the field of energy and energy efficiency, ecology, transport, printing, as well as information technology and innovation infrastructure.


International Exhibition Centre

Brovarskoy Avenue, 15